3 Types of Vinyl Signage which will Increase Business

Vinyl is a popular signage choice for businesses because it is extremely versatile. For example, it can be used on windows, walls and vehicles. Vinyl is a great choice if you’re looking for signage with longevity- vinyl can often last for up to 10 years with little to no maintenance. Not only is it versatile, but its easy to replace on vehicles and windows meaning you can change designs as much as you like. Read more about some of the uses for vinyl below and how it can benefit your business…

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are a popular choice amongst businesses because they’re effective and easy to maintain. A wall graphic can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be- opt for a classic repeated logo or some photography showcasing your business. You can read more about one of the vinyl projects we did at the Metrocentre in Gateshead here. Wall graphics can be installed anywhere, interior or exterior, however they’re particularly popular in offices as they’re an ideal way of branding a space. You could also have wall graphics in meeting rooms, staff kitchens and corridors. Having a wall graphic is an easy and quick way of transforming a dull wall into something colourful and exciting.

Window Graphics

Using windows is perfect if you’re short on space. We recommend window graphics for retail spaces as they’re an excellent way of professionally and creatively communicating with customers. Its easy to stick some printed out offers on a shop front, but it isn’t going to convert. New customers are much more likely to visit your shop if your window graphics draw them in and give them a reason to choose you. One of the best things about window graphics is that they can be easily changed, which is great for keeping up with seasonal trends. For example, you could have some beautiful, autumnal graphics for October and change to a wintry scene for November.

Vehicle Liveries

One of the most popular uses for vinyl is on vehicles. With a vehicle livery, you can have a full-wrap with imagery or something simpler such as generic branding with contact details. Vehicle liveries are in demand due to the cost-effective advertising that they offer. Having a stylish, quality vehicle livery means that you can save on traditional forms of advertising such as posting leaflets. Also, your vehicle will act as an advertisement even when you’re not driving it. More than ever, people are looking to support local businesses, so a small investment on a vehicle livery will certainly work to your advantage. You can read more about why we think vehicle liveries are one of the best things you can have as a small business here.

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