4 great Halloween ideas for your company’s social media

Why should you bother with Halloween?

With Halloween 2022 coming next week, it should be a part of every business’s agenda to get right into the spooky season vibes. Out of all the dates of importance in a calendar year, All Hallows Eve has possibly the most potential to transform your business and offices into a completely new and themed environment. Decorating your working environment with Halloween decorations and partaking in a number of themed activities can bring a multitude of benefits to your business and should be treated with care to ensure you reap the rewards. 

The teamwork involved in office decoration has been proven to raise the spirit of your staff and is a good way to increase productivity across many different elements of an organisation. As well as this, morale is of vital importance to any business and decorating in a team environment for something that most people look forward to is only going to spread positivity.

These factors are what make your social media stand out from the crowd and should never be overlooked. Social media is a huge factor in how your audience views your company and a fun and aesthetic look to an office space is bound to bring in heaps of engagement from your target audience, projecting a message that your business is willing to go that extra mile.

So without further ado, here is four fun ideas to get your businesses social media ready for Halloween.

Pumpkin Competition

If there is one decoration that will look great on social media, the pumpkin is one of the most effective and aesthetic. Activities such as a pumpkin carving competition are a perfect way to get into the spooky season and act as a perfect team-building exercise. This kills two birds with one stone as after posting the competition online, it also acts as a wholesome decoration for the exterior of your building. Using exterior decoration will catch the attention of any passerby and will make your business look the part on your social channels. By doing this as well as carving your company logo into the pumpkin, it will act as a great bit of seasonal advertisement. By posting on your social channels it highlights your company’s less corporate side, subsequently allowing you to appear more relatable despite having a hard-working successful business, a factor which could potentially lead to a sales lead.  

Halloween decor

Fake Web

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When using fake web as a decoration, there is so much you can do to transform your working environment into a spooky spider-filled dungeon. By simply placing fake web on tables in reception and adding a few spiders here and there, your office space can change into a spooky and extremely Instagrammable environment. Unlike many Halloween decorations which normally include colours such as green and purple, with fake web being a misty white, it can appear aesthetic. The material is extremely flexible meaning you can bend it around any door or object in your office, meaning the creative elements are endless at a very low cost. For social media, it’s also a great idea to place the web on your company logo as you can apply your brand and decor in a multipurpose way.

Costume Competition

Dressing up for Halloween is one of the oldest traditions there is. By having staff come in dressed up a day leading up to Halloween, you can gather tones of engagement on your social media channels as well as provide that boost of morale and positivity mentioned earlier in the article. Whether it be you coming in dressed as your favourite horror movie character, or superhero, or even coming dressed as your favourite food or colour, the staff togetherness you gain from activities like this should not be overlooked. Dressing up as a team can lead to some really creative content for your socials by getting your audience to judge who is dressed the best or scariest, and partnering this with a team photo outside your building, will give feelings of a positive working environment to all outsiders.

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Faux Neon

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Faux neon is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bits of signage we do here at Jonsigns and looks amazing on social media. During Halloween, by choosing faux neon you can lighten up your building and office with Halloween colours such as orange, purple and green and keep it for all the Halloween to come. The faux neon can be customised with any wording you want, whether that be Halloween-related or written to incorporate your brand message. 


You can get started by contacting us here at Jonsigns where we will be happy to supply you with the signs of distinction that we’re famous for.