5 Ways to Use to Signage to Increase Sales

LED acrylic fixed to a rear oak backboard complete with a powder coated outer aluminum flat bar framework with chain suspension kits to suspend the signage

Signage can often be overlooked when it comes to having a business, however it can actually be one of your most important assets and investments. Despite the age old saying ‘”don’t judge a book by its cover”- a lot of us do. This can be detrimental to some but a lifesaver for others. Having beautiful signage will ensure your business has the success it deserves. Keep reading to find out how to attract more customers through your signage…


A sign that lights up can be a great marketing asset to your business as they can be left on 24/7. Not only this, but if you opt for LED signage it means potential customers will be able to see your business from greater distances. LED signs are incredibly popular these days because they stand out so much, thus giving you an edge over competitors. Neon and faux LEDs are increasing in popularity at the moment- you can ready all about the differences here.


Having a vehicle that clearly advertises your business is a great move. If you’re always on the go, people are bound to notice your eye-catching vehicle liveries. Think being stuck in traffic is a bad thing? Think again. Having your business name, what you do and contact details clearly displayed on your vehicle is the perfect way to increase your clientele without having to lift a finger. Having a business vehicle is perfect because it shows potential customers that you’re mobile and can travel to do any necessary work or deliveries- take advantage of this and get a vehicle livery.


Living through a pandemic has effected the entire world, and everyone is still adjusting to returning to ‘normality’. Having some form of safety signage is ideal because it shows customers that their safety is a top priority at your business. Places such as gyms, restaurants and bars can benefit from having the necessary safety signage as they can get crowded very quickly. We have a range of different health and safety signage available including floor stickers and hand sanitizer stations which you can enquire about here.

Keep it Clear

It is vital that customers are able to read your signage. You don’t need to pack on every bit of information about the business onto your sign- sometimes too much information can overwhelming. Keep it simple with you business name, a sub header and a phone number at most. It all depends on the size of your signage, but you want to be able to clearly and effectively communicate what your business is about from your shop front.

Consider Colour

Considering a colour scheme is important because colours have the ability to evoke different emotions. For example, purple is often associated with luxury and royalty. Using purple in your signage is a great way to get into the subconscious of potential customers as they will assume your business is sophisticated and luxe just from looking at the outside. On the other hand, red is often used on restaurant and bar signage because it evokes feelings of excitement and energy. You can read more about the colour psychology of signs on here.

Be sure to take these points into consideration so that your signage has the potential to be of the highest standard. If you’re interested in getting some signage started with us, simply fill out the enquiry form or give us a call and we will give you all the guidance you need. We overlook the entire process, from concept to completion, so your signage is guaranteed to be of the highest quality- you can read more about our process here.