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The 5 Most Famous Signs in the World

Hollywood Sign

We’ve compiled a list of the most famous signs in the world, from the dazzling lights of Vegas to the streets of London…

Hiring Now – Jonsigns

Hiring Wordpress

We are currently looking for people to join our busy sign company in Gateshead. We are hiring for the following roles: Digital Marketing and Social Media Executive Sign Installer Trainee Accounts Assistant Trainee Estimator Accounts Administrator You can read more about each individual role here. If you think you are a good fit for our […]

TSG’s Incredible Sign Transformation


TSG exterior signage and cladding

Gym Signage Ideas


Ready to Up Your Signage Game? If you own a gym, having signage that stands out is a must. COVID-19 has changed the way people workout, with a large majority of the population switching to home workouts. With this in mind, having a functional and beautiful gym design can encourage people to return. Now is […]

Christmas Signage: 4 Types of Signage you can Use to Increase Footfall this Festive Season

christmas shopping

Christmas signage is overlooked, however it is so important. Christmas is soon approaching, so that means it’s time to give your signage a festive makeover! No matter what your business is, showing you’re getting involved in the season can increase footfall and get people talking. Did you know that over £84 billion is forecast to […]

A Brief History of Signs

William Hogarth Painting History of Signs

William Hogarth painting showing an 18th century pub sign Introduction In today’s society we rely on signs to navigate through daily life. Whether we use them for directions or to order a coffee, we’d be lost without them. We’re not the only ones who rely on signs though, as signage has been a popular choice […]

3 Reasons why Signage is the Best Investment for your Business

Brushed Gold Stainless Steel Letters for The HLF Group

Introduction Investment in quality signage is essential. If you own a physical business, you’ll know that signage is the first thing a customer sees. The look and quality of your signage can make or break your business- people are much more likely to enter an establishment which has a clear and concise sign. We’ve compiled […]

Social Media and Signage: 3 Ways Stunning Signage can Skyrocket your Social Presence

Treatz Desserts Flower Wall

Introduction Social media has never been so dominant in our lives. Everywhere we go we’re being told to like, share and subscribe. Did you know that social media and signage can go hand in hand? Increasing your social media presence can be essential for some businesses as not everyone has the means of creating a […]

Office Signage: 3 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Office Space with Signage

Park Commerical Frosted Windows

Introduction Having a stylish office space is important because who doesn’t feel more productive in a clean, modern environment? A lot of us have been working from home for the past year and are eager to get back into the office. If your business still has staff working from home, then now is the best […]

3 Types of Vinyl Signage which will Increase Business

Rolls of blue vinyl standing alongside a traditional wooden ladder and yellow spirit level in the Metrocentre Management Suite

Vinyl is a popular signage choice for businesses because it is extremely versatile. For example, it can be used on windows, walls and vehicles. Vinyl is a great choice if you’re looking for signage with longevity- vinyl can often last for up to 10 years with little to no maintenance. Not only is it versatile, […]