4 great Christmas ideas for your company’s social media

Christmas is upon us once again and as every business owner knows, its a perfect opportunity to spread the joy and utilize the powerful force that is social media. Christmas is not only a time for drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating your body weight in pigs in blankets but is a perfect excuse to tailor your social media content towards the most wonderful time of the year while still maintaining your brand message and presence. Decorating or including Christmas themed content not only comes with merry benefits but can also change the entire atmosphere and environment of your business by improving morale and giving staff a well needed break from the same professional work all adding to that excitement of a winter break. So before you wrap yourself up in PJ’s and watch home alone, read this blog to find out 5 fun ideas to get your business’s social media ready for the big event.

Different industrys - Jonsigns

Incorporate your industry

Depending on your business, it can be a really good idea to somehow tie your organization to anything Christmas themed which you have planned for social media. Every year Christmas themed posts are some of the most trending bits of content and prove to get some of the best engagement on sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram. To prove this, certain organizations have profited from having such a big reputation for their Christmas themed content which focuses on brand advertisement while simultaneously giving their little bit to spread Christmas cheer. This year examples of companies who have done this include Argos and Aldi who’s Christmas advert is always highly anticipated, normally having some sort of strong symbolic message which tugs at our heartstrings but again and importantly, always resorting back to their core brand values.

For us here at Jonsigns, being a signage company we use our industry to our advantage while promoting Christmas. Having many departments with the potential to be creative aids us in incorporating that festive spirit while showcasing the elements of our company. For us, our vinyl department grants us no limit to our creativity as it allows us to create a themed vinyl with our company logo or brand message front and center with xmas context while at the same time providing a good bit of advertisement.

example of staff photo

Full staff photo

Taking staff photo’s to be put on your social media sites at times like Christmas is a great way of showcasing your business’s and the people who work there’s personality. Not only this, it helps potential or active customers and clients put names to the faces of the people that they’re dealing with. At times such as Christmas it shows an element of togetherness and the essence of family showing that for all your hard work you’ve done this year, its finally time to have a well earned rest and enjoy the holidays. Staff photos on your social media catalyzes on everybody else’s excitement for a good break and will provide more engagement through relatability and can be even more advantageous if staff wear a Santa hat or even go as far as dressing up.

fake snow machine

Fake snow

As snowfall in the United Kingdom can be quite temperamental and hard to rely on when planning content for your social media, it is good to look for different solutions to give your business that wintery feeling. Fake snow is a great and simple way to transform the exterior of your business environment when the real deal is no where to be seen and can prove to be just as effective if not better as a decoration as it wont turn to slush. Your business can profit from this by layering snow on top of any exterior company signage you may have or even if possible, placing a snow machine on your building roof and letting the snow fall, aiding you in creating a natural looking and festive photo.


Throwing a Fundraising event

A fundraising event for your business with a charity of your choice can be a great way to give something back this Christmas while at the same time giving your brand a good amount of exposure. This time of year is all about giving back and can lead to some great opportunities. Whether that being a charity close to someone in the organizations hearts or a local charity, it gives you the chance to give back to those less fortunate. By contacting local newspapers and journalists, this can help to spread the word of your event and hopefully raise more money while simultaneously giving your brand some decent exposure. The fundraising event can take many shapes such as coffee mornings, competitions and raffles or a good way to get more donations is to hold a sporting event such as football with a minimum entry cost for a tournament played at a location of your choice.

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