Christmas signage: 4 great examples

The purpose of Christmas Signage

During Christmas time, decorating your establishment with Christmas signage has always been a great opportunity for brands to get creative when advertising their business. By getting involved with the holiday spirit, brands can adopt a less corporate and more authentic and relaxed feeling as well as attract a broader audience of people who are eager to have their festive mindset capitalised on. Throughout the years there have been plenty of examples of companies taking their already well-known shop front and transforming their signage into a Christmas-themed wonder. This not only provides a good opportunity for social media attention but also has a great chance to entice customers to visit due to the effort that your brand has put in to spread that festive cheer. 

When doing Christmas shopping, people associate decorations with a feeling of nostalgia and tend to capitalise on that feeling meaning they’re naturally more drawn to festivities, explained by psychologists such as Debora Serani who states that “anything that takes us out of our normal habituation, the normal day in, day out signals our senses”. Businesses use this idea and change the entire aesthetic of their building, allowing for a huge impact on the general look of a city and its citizens during December. 

So with this in mind, here are four businesses that have used Christmas signage to successfully enhance their brand’s reputation.


The North East’s very own Fenwick’s superstore is a great example of a company going all out on its Christmas signage with its nationally famous and self-titled ‘Fenwick’s Window’ which has yearly themes from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Alice in Wonderland. Being solely based in Newcastle, the window has still managed to attract tourists from all over the country and works as a great bit of marketing for the store and has continued this trend with a telling of Lauren Child’s beloved Christmas book, ‘Clarice Bean: Think like an elf’. People know far and wide that Fenwick’s puts tons of effort into their decoration so naturally people will visit the inside of the store to carry the festive momentum and see what else they have on offer all thanks to their Christmas signage.

Christmas Signage


Christmas Signage

Out of the whole list, Harrod’s in London has possibly the most visually impressive example of transforming a brand with Christmas signage as it preys on humans’ needs and natural attraction to huge and awe-inspiring spectacles of light. Referring back to a previous blog, light displays act as a great way of advertising as it preys on natural human instincts which our ancestors related to fire, and the feeling of security it provides. 

While walking down Brompton Road during Christmas time, the display will succeed in piquing your curiosity and will be extremely hard to miss.  Harrods capitalises on the people’s already activated Christmas feelings, meaning whether people choose to actually go into the store or not, a lot of people will still take pictures for social media proving how good of a marketing tactic Christmas signage can be for your brans whether a few sparkling lights on your logo or thousands around your building. 


Bloomingdale’s inc is one of the world’s most famous department stores in the world with one of the grandest and awe-inspiring buildings. Much like Fenwick’s windows, the store also incorporates a Christmas-themed window and likewise again, uses this to market itself for what the store has on offer as well as celebrate Christmas to gain the attention of everyday street goers. Bloomingdale’s holiday decorations, much like Fenwick’s, act as a good piece of Christmas signage as it advertises the Christmas spirit on a huge scale and no doubt attracts double the amount of tourists due to its already famous reputation as a department store as well as putting in heaps of effort in the celebrations.

Christmas signage

Coca Cola

Christmas signage

Coca-Cola is possibly the world’s most famous brand and one which has always put a lot of effort into marketing its product, especially with its Christmas signage and marketing. The cola company have always marketed their product extremely well throughout its time with a number of contrasting but equally well-known advertising campaigns, but none has reached the notoriety compared to the Coca-Cola Christmas truck. 

Appearing in adverts for the first time in 1997, the truck has captivated the hearts of millions and is seen as the advert which signals the start of the run-up to Christmas day, acting as an international symbol of popular culture. By applying the advert so well to fit a dual purpose and not necessarily focusing on the actual purchase of a bottle of Coca-Cola at the forefront of the advert, the company has proven how effective it is to tie your brand image alongside Christmas time.

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