Christmas Signage: 4 Types of Signage you can Use to Increase Footfall this Festive Season

Christmas signage is overlooked, however it is so important. Christmas is soon approaching, so that means it’s time to give your signage a festive makeover! No matter what your business is, showing you’re getting involved in the season can increase footfall and get people talking. Did you know that over £84 billion is forecast to be spent by UK consumers this Christmas? That is a lot, and one way you can get customers supporting your business is with festive signage.

Window Signage

Window displays and graphics a simple and effective way of increasing footfall. Retail spaces can benefit massively from using windows to their advantage. A great example of a retail store mixing Christmas with their window displays is the much anticipated Fenwicks window. This isn’t just a window display but its now a yearly event, with the reveal recently being live streamed and watched by thousands.

However you don’t need to do an extravagant window display- some simple vinyl graphics will suffice! You could have a festive scene as the main focus on your window, or you could go down a simpler route and have some festive typography instead. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a design in mind- we can help you with that!


Illuminated signs are perfect for those dark, winter nights as they are bright and easy to see. Having some form of illuminated sign is ideal for businesses who operate during later hours such as restaurants and bars. You can have lots of fun designing a festive sign as there are endless possibilities.

You could go for a traditional ‘Merry Christmas’ sign, or, depending on your business, opt for a pop culture inspired sign that reads a humorous phrase such as ‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal‘. Festive LED signs are great options for bars, clubs and restaurants as they allow customers to get photo ops with the sign and share on social media, giving your business more exposure.

Floor Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to Christmas, however they’re a super simple way of adding some interaction to your business. Floor graphics are great for toy stores and other family-orientated businesses.

For example, toy stores can have boot prints saying ‘this way to Santa’s Grotto’ or even an interactive floor game that children can play such as hop-scotch. Floor graphics are a great way to draw attention to featured products in-store, such as the toy of the year. Another reason why vinyl floor graphics are perfect for businesses (especially retail) is because they last a long time and are essentially maintenance free.

Promo Signage

It goes without saying that promo signage is an essential part of the commercial side of Christmas. Having large promo Christmas signage lets customers know what offers are currently on in-store and how long they’re on for.

The great thing about promo signage is posters and banners can be displayed virtually anywhere. Display promo posters in windows, behind counters and next to featured products. Using promo signage is a great way of increasing footfall and bringing in customers who may not have visited your business before.

Ready to get your Business Ready with Christmas Signage?

Are you ready to up your signage game and get into the festive spirit at the same time? Having Christmas signage can entice customers to visit your business, especially if they’re hunting for gifts for loved ones. Use traditional Christmas colours such as red, green and gold throughout your signage to help amplify the festive feeling. If you’re interested in getting some Christmas signage created for your business, contact us now by calling us on 01914782200 or e-mailing We look forward to hearing from you!