How should I supply my artwork?

All files should be supplied as PC compatible Adobe Illustrator eps or pdf files, where possible files should be supplied as vector artwork and all fonts should be outlined. Any imagery should be CMYK at 300dpi and embedded within the eps file. Any Cut/Die lines should be supplied as a vector. If in doubt give us a call and we’ll put you through to one of our production specialists.

Please be aware that any re-drawing or editing of supplied artwork, not in accordance with our guidelines is chargeable.

How long does it take to manufacture signage?

The length of time can vary depending on the materials, usage, complexity and scale of works. Our project managers strive to meet your expectations on deadlines and turnaround time. While some projects may be ready in 24 hours, other projects make take longer to complete.

How do you ensure quality with your products?

When it comes to ensuring the quality of products, our project managers create a plan to deliver products according to your specific requirements. We examine the environment that the sign will be located in and determine the best match of products. Our team of designers continuously monitor and verify project quality throughout the design and production process.

What kind of maintenance will my sign require?

Depending on the materials, signs may need to be cleaned over time, especially outdoor signage. Our project managers can make specific recommendations for maintenance based on your installed signage. It’s important to avoid damage from harsh cleaners. Use only a soap and water mixture and avoid any cleaning product that contains ammonia.

We have a variety of maintenance packages on offer here.

How long will my signage last?

The expected lifetime all depends on whether you place the sign or graphic indoor or outdoor. We use a variety of materials for short-term and long-term applications. Whether your sign needs to withstand the elements in an outdoor setting or needs to be located indoors, our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs.


Where do you carry out vehicle liveries?

We have a vehicle wrapping bay inside our factory where we are not governed by the weather and temperature, so we can carry out the work come rain or shine. We can also apply the graphics at the client’s premises.

What is the process for getting a project started?

Every job begins with understanding your signage needs and providing our experience to determine the best possible solution. You will have contact with an assigned project manager, who will liaise with you to ensure the project brief is fully understood. We will arrange for one of our surveyors to attend the site address if necessary, to carry out a site survey to gather sizes and gain a further understanding of the location of the signage.

Each job is unique. Our design studio will supply a variety of proofs and manufacture drawings for you to view and approve. The project does not move forward until you are happy with the design.

Our production team will save you time by applying on your behalf for permits and representing you at public hearings. Our nationwide fitting team will then be on their way to deliver and install your signage.

What materials can be used in the construction of my signage?

We have the ability and resources to use many different types of materials, from extruded plastics, acrylics, wood, co-polymers, copper, brass, aluminium, steel and composite materials. Materials are available in various different colours and finishes.

What will the final product look like?

Our design team can provide you with a photographic representation proposal of your sign.

Will my sign require a permit?

Yes, generally all signs visible from the road will require a permit for the county/city/landlord. Our production team are always here to answer any queries you may have.

Please note that it can take up to 30 days for permitting.

What type of warranty does my signage have?

Our signs are always manufactured to the highest possible standard and are currently supplied with a 1 year warranty from the date of installation.

What is a vehicle livery and how is it used?

Vehicle livery is the process of applying graphics to high-quality vinyl before carefully using it to wrap your vehicle. This can vary from a full wrap with imagery and text or a half wrap that displays your generic branding and contact details.

Will a vehicle livery damage my paintwork?

No, a full body vehicle wrap can actually protect your vehicle from everyday damage like scrapes and chipping. That means when you come to resell your vehicle in the future it will actually retain its value thanks to the well-maintained bodywork.

How can I look after my vehicle livery?

Try keeping your vehicle out of direct sunlight and wash by hand for best results. Please be aware that wax can break down the vinyl, causing it to peel and crack.

How do I go about getting an estimate from you?

You may use our online contact form. Please let us know how you intend to use the sign you are considering, so that we can advise the best possible solution.

Otherwise, please call and talk with one of our project managers, and we will be happy to assist you.

What is a “proof”?

A proof is a way of ensuring that we have designed your signage accurately and that everything is positioned according to your requirements. Our design team will produce a proof which will be sent to you online.

Is the colour I see on my monitor or tablet accurate to what I’ll receive?

Because colour is subjective and can be produced by many methods, there may be slight variations in the way colour appears on your signage. Using state-of-the-art technology, we will, in almost all cases, be able to produce the colour you desire.