Gateshead to Foggia: The Italian Job of dreams

Our Signage On Its Travels

Our signage goes a long way! Now we mean it physically and not just in a figurative way due to our most recent escapade to Foggia in Italy. From design to manufacture to installation, its a thrill to see the full process of our products and the vastly different locations they’re sent to for the equally diverse clients and business’s we deal with.

Over the years at Jonsigns, we’ve shipped our signage extremely long distances including Las Vegas for work for William Hill, as well as the Cayman Island’s where we manufactured totem signs for a luxury beachside hotel. Although our company name is well travelled, this particular job is even more unique and acts as a great achievement for us here at Jonsigns.

From our humble HQ in Gateshead, our van will travel all the way to Foggia in Italy on a job which will take one of our vans the furthest we’ve ever drove for a job. The job mentioned was for food supplier ‘Princes group‘, famous for their tinned Tuna, salmon and Mackerel and we’re proud to be able to spread the Jonsigns mantra at such a long distance away from our factory on a job our two fitters aren’t likely to forget.

Jonsigns - Foggia

The Journey

For this job, our two lucky fitters will get the opportunity to see some of Europe’s most stunning and picturesque scenery which will act as a huge difference both culturally and visually to the North East of England.

Starting off in Gateshead, our van will travel all the way through England, to eventually be greeted by the famous white cliffs of Dover where they will take the three-hour journey to France. From France the lads will travel through Switzerland to get to Italy, a journey complimented by a photo of our van surrounded by the swiss alps. 

From there, all roads lead to Foggia which marks the furthest we’ve ever travelled for a job. 

Jonsigns-Foggia travel

The Job

For this job, team Jonsigns were tasked to design, manufacture and install multiple examples of wayfinding signage, spread across the vast factory of Prince’s Foods  Foggia HQ. This includes directions to different work zones for staff, warning signs, parking signs as well as a main bit of exterior signage showcasing the branding of the tinned goods titan. 

For these way-finding signs, we placed the digital print of Prince’s logo on Metamark  MD5-B white gloss vinyl with a gloss laminate protection and then a 3mm Alcan traffic grey composite to reflect that signature Princes theme of blue and red. We’ve certainly given these two fitters memories that they’ll never forget.  

Princes Foods Signage

The Result

Taking into account the long travel our two fitters combatted, this project was a success from start to finish and allowed us to spread the Jonsigns mantra by supplying our signs of distinction to yet another international location. Team Jonsigns successfully aligned Prince’s vision by supplying signage that would guide their staff through the entire factory all while maintaining the elements of what makes Prince’s food such a world-recognised brand.