Signage Manufacturing Efficiency: Our new Laser and CNC Machine

How we're improving our signage manufacturing

Here at Jonsigns LTD, our clients range from unique local businesses ready to make their mark on the environment to some of the most popular household names in the world. To match our passion for our ever-growing clientele we hold our signage manufacturing process close to our heart, ensuring that through design, CNC cutting, metal bending, assembly and painting, our signage speaks true to a particular vision. 

This year, Jonsigns LTD has taken significant steps to improve this signage manufacturing process by investing in three state-of-the-art machines, the Opus CNC Laser cutter for cutting stainless steel, the Tekcel EXR CNC Machine for acrylic and aluminium materials and a Blastrite Shot blaster for signage surface preparation.  

These three machines have significantly impacted our factory, promoting efficiency that allows for a much faster turnover of projects without compromising the quality signage we’re known for, allowing us to ensure our client’s needs are met to the full degree. 

Opus CNC Laser Cutter

Having initially outsourced our laser cutting, a great advantage of having our own machine is that it allows us to oversee every step of our facility’s signage manufacturing process. Due to this, we can make real-time adjustments and swiftly revise the project if any problems occur as well as reduce costs on the transportation of the material to and from an outsourced cutter. 

The laser cutter is predominantly used for cutting stainless steel, unlike normal CNC machines. It offers extreme levels of precision, allowing for the cutting of intricate designs which is crucial in creating the professional signage solutions that we are known for. 

Laser Cutter: Signage Manufacturing process

Tekcel EXR CNC Machine

Tekcel EXR CNC Machine: Signage Manufacturing process

Partnering with our other CNC machine, our new Tekcel EXR CNC Machine now allows us to cut double the amount of materials. This state-of-the-art cutter is incredibly versatile, allowing us to cut plywood, MFC, MDF, cast and extruded acrylics, polycarbonates, aluminium, brass and copper. 

The machine is also partnered with a controlled touchscreen to allow for a more fluid and efficient cutting process. This guides our operator through the job setup, machine setup and the running of the job with proficiency. 

Jonsigns LTD deals with some of the biggest brands about with incredibly intricate multi-material logos and branding so having the capability to express their vision with extreme detail and prowess makes this machine one of the company’s greatest investments that is a testament to our signage manufacturing process


Shot Blasting Machine

Much like the last two machines, our Blastrite Shot Blasting machine promotes efficiency and allows for greater control of all manufacturing materials. The machine is our group partner HJC Specialist Coatings best friend, as it prepares surfaces to be ready for painting by propelling grains at high velocity. 

This creates an incredibly smooth surface for our materials to be either wet-sprayed or powder-coated meaning we can continue to maintain our reputation as a professional service that achieves the highest quality of signage manufacturing. Apart from its features, this machine has made significant environmental impacts inside our factory.

 Due to being an automated process, this allows for an increase in productivity as well as ensures that our painted products retain the best quality due to their ability to improve adhesion between paints and the surface of the material. 

Shot Blaster: Signage Manufacturing process

Without a doubt, these three new machines have completely propelled Jonsigns LTD’s signage manufacturing to new levels. As well as increasing productivity and turnover of jobs since all of the manufacturing tools now remain entirely in-house, these state-of-the-art technologies have improved efficiency and precision for a wide range of material cutting as well as surface preparation techniques. All in all, they have ensured we maintain our credibility as a professional business that has the tools and passion to match.