Office Signage: 4 important elements to think about

The importance of office signage

Whether your business is corporate or not, having well-thought-out office signage is an important aspect of any brand and when cohesively brought together can bring heaps of psychological benefits to the workspace. Signage is a great way to promote your company’s values and vision through creative elements that can hold a lasting impression on visitors and maintain the motivation and morale of staff who pass through the building daily. The visual appeal created by your office signage not only enhances the workspace but also brings a more engaging and exciting environment that in turn bolsters the community and culture of your organisation. 

Jonsigns LTD recently designed, manufactured and installed wayfinding and vinyl graphic signage for Virgin Media and 02’s new partnership at their Headquarters in Reading.

This work was a direct example of the importance of office signage due to the striking visual transformation of the telecommunications powerhouses’ new HQ. The synergy between branding, wayfinding signage and exterior signage comes together in a way which lives and breathes the organisation’s values while providing a fresh environment for staff and visitors, leading to an increase in credibility that can contribute to successful meetings and partnerships and the want for people to be employed by your organisation.

Read below our guide on the necessary elements to include when thinking about your office signage and the benefits to not only your company image, but to your staff and the visitors who walk your halls on the daily. 

Exterior Signage

The exterior signage of your business is a vital component of business growth and credibility because it is normally the first point of contact between clients and staff. It is your opportunity to express your company logo and name in one efficient promotional package due to the normally large size of the signage. It is the signage element that boasts the most visibility not only to visitors and staff but to the general public, helping you build trust and convey an important sense of professionalism in a visual representation. 

Exterior Office Signage

Wayfinding Signage

Virgin Media Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding office signage can serve as an aesthetic yet practical element for the staff and visitors who enter your grounds. It enhances the experience while providing a direct mapping of all significant aspects of your business, boasting a sense of professionalism as well as adding to the satisfaction of the visit. Wayfinding signage also opens up great marketing opportunities as you can position relevant branding that breathes more life into the experience while keeping your brand identity at the forefront of people’s minds. To fully capitalise on the effectiveness of your wayfinding schemes, you should implement identification, informational, directional and regulatory wayfinding signage to transform your organisation into one clear and cohesive entity that creates an effect that will stay in visitors’ and staff’s mind for a long time.  

Organisation Branding

Keeping your organisation’s branding front and centre in your office signage allows for a consistent image of your company and a greater increase in credibility. For example, by making sure the theme of your building is in direct correspondence with your brand’s colours, including the repurposing of your logo, and slogan and the visualisation of your company values, this sense of alignment is achieved that in turn adds a sense of reliability to your exterior and interior stakeholders. This will mean that stakeholders are more likely to pay attention to marketing efforts such as on billboards and your presence on social media. Relating your branding to a positive experience increases the chance of word-of-mouth marketing, customer retention as well and a sense of differentiation that puts you ahead of the competition.

Virgin Media Wall Décor

Reception Signage

Reception Office Signage

The office signage positioned in the reception area of your organisation can be a great first impression for staff and especially visitors. It allows you to market your company values, promote your logo and supply wayfinding advice, granting people a preconceived opinion of what awaits them on their journey through the building. For staff, with this normally being the first thing they also see before they start their working day, the psychological benefits are unmatched and can be a factor in increased productivity and positive morale due to attractive and well-thought-out reception signage. This a great opportunity to reinforce the care for staff and why your staff applied and love working for your organisation.