Jonsigns LTD x Amari Plastics: Wayfinding, illumination and bespoke innovation

Collaboration with Amari Plastics

We’ve recently completed a huge project that includes the design, manufacture and installation of a number of different signage elements for the UK’s leading supplier of plastics, Amari Plastics. Amari has been one of Jonsigns LTD’s key suppliers for many years, allowing us always to have the best materials in-house to continue manufacturing the signs of distinction we are known for and maintain our reputation as a sustainable business with their eco-friendly materials. 

This project allows us to prove our versatility as a company shown by the design, manufacture and installation of a multitude of different signage elements that aim to transform Amari’s new depot in Hebburn into a hub that compliments the brand’s identity and vision. These signage elements include a post sign just as you enter the depot, a main fascia sign as well as a bespoke storage unit that will improve efficiency and organisation in the warehouse. It was a pleasure to give back to an organisation that has been with us throughout the years, allowing us to foster a collaboration that promotes sustainability and trust.

Bespoke Storage Unit

Amari approached us for a bespoke ‘Pigeon Hole’ framework that would be used to hold various acrylic extrusions that would promote a greater feeling of organisation amongst staff members. 

The overall size of the framework turned out to be 11,900mm wide x 2150mm high x 3000mm and acted as a huge presence in this fresh warehouse. All pieces were manufactured in-house and then painted by HJC Specialist Coatings, ensuring a clean look to the project. 

As our estimator Robert Hogarth proposed, the framework was to be fabricated in kit form using tube connectors for ease of fabrication, handling, and installation on site

The connectors are then inserted into the hollow section using a rubber mallet using three different connector insertions to build the framework to the finished design. This was fabricated and pre-assembled in manageable sections in the factory, with the final assembly on site. 

The fabrication and design will also allow for any future upgrades to be easily undertaken by simply removing or adding sections to the framework should a larger or smaller unit be required. 

Amari Plastics Bespoke Framework

Fascia Panel

Amari Plastics Halo-illuminated Fascia Panel Signage

The next part of our Amari project came in the form of a fascia panel that was placed and centralised on the huge depot. Boasting the bright Amari pink on its back panel, the sign featured halo-illuminated built-up letters that ensured the factory would achieve a significant and consistent presence at both day and night time with its 24/7 visibility.  

Due to Amari Plastics moving into their new Hebburn depot, the striking illumination and bright pink act as a great wayfinding tool for both returning and new clients. Being in a crowded industrial state, this sign will also grant a great advantage in standing out from competitors. 

Measuring 3 meters x 1.4 meters and manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium this sign is a durable and professionally made addition to the organisation.

As a company we made sure to take care in the design of this panel, ensuring the signage aligned with Amari’s brand values and a one that fits in with the professionality of the organisation.

Post Sign

The last part of the project came in the form of a brand-relevant post sign that was fitted into the ground just outside the grounds of Amari Plastics’ new warehouse, promoting a feeling of credibility and improved risk mitigation. 

Made from 3mm thick white ACM, the face of the post has various health and safety signs digitally printed upon it allowing for an attractive yet functional piece of signage. 

This post sign acts as a hybrid of both wayfinding and health and safety signage allowing visitors to understand rules inside the factory as well as showing directions for visitors, customers and deliveries. 

Amari Plastics Post Signage