Restaurant Signage: 5 ways to elevate your brands vision

Choosing the perfect restaurant signage

No matter the size and scale, strategically implementing your restaurant signage should be at the top of the list concerning your marketing efforts. Having effective signage that relays your brand vision and brings a sense of cohesiveness between all elements of your business brings many advantages to different aspects of your business goals as well as being the make or break factor to whether someone feels inclined to visit your restaurant. This could mean an increase in sales, heightened aestheticism concerning your shopfront and a general increase in brand awareness to elevate your business ahead of your competitors. Well-applied signage not only provides increased visibility for your brand by showing the public what they need to know about your business with their first impression but also provides an opportunity to reinforce a clear identity which sets you apart from your competitors, especially on a busy street with lots of businesses in close proximity to one another. 

With over 25 years of experience, Jonsigns LTD excels in crafting distinctive signage solutions that breathe life into restaurants of diverse themes, layouts and clientele, effectively driving business growth through our innovative and creative approach. With our knowledge at hand, this blog will discuss the different options for restaurant signage and why each one is proven to have a positive impact on several different aspects of business and brand identity. 

Brand-relevant exterior signage

Your exterior restaurant signage is what gives that incredibly important first impression to customers or passers-by. Even if the public doesn’t choose to eat at your establishment, showcasing your brand in a visually impressive way is bound to stick in their minds and allow for a greater chance of them visiting in the future. It is your opportunity to reflect your brand in a stand-out visual way and should incorporate features that can be capitalised on with your interior elements by creating a clear and cohesive environment for customers visiting your establishment. 

If you’re a small Italian restaurant, choose iconography and illustration that reflect an authentic and traditional Italian experience. Or take our work for Creams cafe which has made a statement with its punk/ retro vibe which gives the customer all the thematic information they need without even stepping foot in the restaurant.  

Creams Arndale - Jonsigns LTD

Interior branding and decor


Capitalising on your exterior signage with your Interior branding and decor creates a genuine thematic experience for all who visit. Customers will take your exterior restaurant signage as a teaser of the atmosphere and ambience that your interior decor has on offer and open up avenues to create a narrative behind your brand identity with props, memorabilia and furniture. By creating this experience it creates a unique aesthetic appeal due to the seamless transition from outside to inside and allows customers to associate certain vibes with your food.

With signage such as vinyl graphics, the opportunities are endless concerning the promotion of your brand identity. Whether placed on windows for the public to view or submerged deeper into your establishment, vinyl graphics allow you to promote menu selection, promotions and other information all while keeping branding and theme front and centre. 

Projecting signage

Projecting signs or hanging signs, are a type of signage that extends outwards of restaurants and is typically mounted perpendicular to a wall and is the first as well as the key indicator to what the customers are expecting concerning the overall atmosphere of the establishment.  

Especially on bust streets, projecting signs are what will help stand out from your competitors and give you the chance to advertise your brand in an efficient way. If there is a single opportunity to capture a customer’s attention with your restaurant signage, projecting signs offer you the optimal chance to achieve this by seamlessly integrating your brand into an efficient and effective promotional tool. 

Papa Johns exterior signage

Way-finding signage

Restaurant Signage

Way-finding signage is a necessary bit of restaurant signage which ensures convenient access for your customers while in your establishment. Way-finding signage plays a huge role in how people perceive your brand by being a key factor in the overall experience. 

The experience can be heightened by keeping your brand colours and theme prominent amongst your wayfinding signage. It highlights focal points that direct customers to the places you want them to explore which promotes operational efficiency and makes for a much more seamless experience for both your customers and staff.

Neon Signage

Neon restaurant signage has made a comeback in recent years allowing for great opportunities to grant your establishment somewhat of a cheat code when advertising your brand and its themes. Normally, neon is associated with a more retro/ vintage vibe, but in the contemporary era, is used for a wide range of signage that is effective even in the quietest of cafes. 

Neon signage has its psychological advantages as humans are naturally intrigued by bright lights that promise a good experience. If used strategically with your restaurant signage this can ensure your brand sticks in the minds of the customers or the passing public.

Neon signage

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