Should I Choose a Neon or LED Sign for my Business?

Do I choose a neon or LED sign for my business?


Neon or LED? Its a tough decision to make. Trends come and go, but when it comes to illuminated signs- they’re here to stay.

There has been a recent resurgence in the popularity of illuminated signs. These brightly coloured signs have become a staple for Instagram feeds around the globe. However it’s not just influencers who benefit from aesthetically pleasing signs- its businesses, too. Illuminated signs are perfect for increasing business visibility as well as acting as a marketing tool- you can read more about signage and marketing here! Keep reading to learn the differences between LED and neon signs…

What is the Difference?

Neon signs are still popular because of their retro connotations, however LED signs are certainly making a name for themselves too. But what is the difference?

Neon signs are molded glass tubes filled with neon and other gases, whereas LED signs are made up of small lightbulbs that don’t heat up- they are otherwise known as ‘faux neon’.

So what is the best option for your business? Choosing which sign to go for depends on a variety of factors- lets run through them!

Life Expectancy

Properly maintained neon signs are usually expected to last 10,000 hours, depending how often the light is left switched on. Just like lightbulbs, LED signs last a long time- usually up to 30,000 hours. LED technology is constantly improving so we could potentially expect to see this number increase soon. LED is the best option for the environment as they have such a low energy consumption. The noble gases used in neon lights can be harmful if exposed to the environment in large quantities,


Although similar in appearance, neon and LED signs still have some differences. Neon signs have a warm glow which is reminiscent of the retro signs of 1950s America, evoking glamour and fun. Also, as neon signs get filled with neon, there is no way of changing them once they have been produced. For example, you wouldn’t be able to change the colour or make the sign flash. On the other hand, LED use digital drivers to achieve a multitude of effects including flashing, colour change and brightening.

In terms of brightness, LED signs are brighter than traditional neon signs. This means they can be seen from a greater distance at any time of the day. Neon signs are often less-detailed than LEDs because of the glass tubes used to mold them, meaning designs need to be kept quite simple. However, the flex used for LED signs is more versatile and allows for a greater level of detail.

How Neon and LED Can Boost your Business

Whether you choose neon or LED. they are both great assets for your business. Like mentioned previously, influencers are always snapping photos of aesthetically pleasing signs and sharing them with their followers- this works out as an ideal marketing strategy for your business. The more people that share images of your signage online, the more business you will get. Lots of businesses such as restaurants and bars are setting up neon and LED signage in their premises purely for selfie purposes because they know this will get shared on social media, thus increasing their footfall.

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