Signage for pubs: 4 of the North East’s best

Implementing effective signage for pubs and bars is a great way of making sure that your establishment can keep ahead of the game and stand out from your competitors. Living in the UK especially, going out and indulging in a few pints or generally visiting these pubs and bars is a massive part of our culture and provide a reason as to how huge the market is.

Signage is one of the most important elements of bar and pub branding and can help establish the overall atmosphere of the establishment. When the signage is aligned with the bars vibe, it creates a strong cohesive message that resonates with the customers, allowing them to feel more connected to the experience. Due to this, implementing specific signage for pubs and bars that sticks to a specific theme acts as a great marketing tool and compliments other aspects of what an establishment offers whether physically or as part of a wider identity and experience.

Typically, the names of British pubs relate to specific bits of History, Wildlife and area-specific iconography with examples such as ‘The Red Lion, ‘The Rose & Crown’, ‘The Black Horse’ and ‘The Prince Of Wales’ to name a few. These names provide an opportunity for pub/bar owners to complement a creative and visual strategy that implements signage that encapsulates the theme in one form of advertising.

Here at Jonsigns LTD, we pride ourselves in supplying British pubs and bars with the signs of distinction that they deserve and have used our creative mindset to take bars and pubs to the next level. To give you an idea, here are some examples of effective signage for pubs and bars around Newcastle featuring some of our work amongst other striking examples.

The City Tavern

If your business has a historic reputation our work for The City Tavern is a great example of where certain signage for pubs has perfectly encapsulated the traditional vibes of an establishment. The barrel we designed, manufactured and installed along with the golden ‘City Tavern’ lettering steps back the years and compliments the historic Tudor Facade building perfectly.

Due to the building’s look and feel there was no need to decorate the City Tavern with fancy neon or built-up lettering as a greater effect was achieved by focusing on the already apparent themes and architecture that was on offer.

To further add to the theme, historical iconography was used in the form of a traditional-looking barrel which was used as a projecting sign while simultaneously acting as a three-dimensional prop.

Signage For Pubs

The Grey Owl

Signage For Pubs

Contrasting to the City Tavern’s traditional vibe, our recent work for the Grey Owl aimed to present a feeling of luxury with our signage. This vibe is created mainly by the rich colouring of the bars lettering and logo which acts as a piece of projecting signage which entices customers to pop in and indulge in a cocktail or two. Much like the City Tavern, the Grey Owl’s signage is complimented and inspired by its environment which helps the signs fit in effortlessly. With the smooth sandstone colouring of the building, the projecting sign stands out with its crisp black and gold palette and gives a perfect blend of traditional pub iconography with a flashy and modern twist.

Black and gold are two colours with historical connotations on extravagance, prosperity and formality which speaks volumes to the clear luxurious aesthetic that the Grey Owl is going for.

The Grey Owl’s signage embodies a modern style of bar and pub signage with its luxurious yet minimalistic style giving customers and an accurate yet brief look at what the bar will look and feel like once inside the establishment. 

By The River Brew co.

Being a recent addition to the bank of Gateshead, ‘By The River Brew Co.’ is situated just to the right of the Tyne Bridge and flaunts one of the most picture postcard views of Newcastle and its iconic landscape.

The establishment is just what the area needed to attract customers to the often overlooked Gateshead side of the water and of course used the view as a main selling point. The brewery has a clear identity with its shipping container aesthetic and holds a minimalistic and industrial vibe which acts as an ode to Newcastle’s ship building history. The signage for the company is what gives the establishment its identity with its built-up neon illuminated letters and distinguishable logo which can be seen at all times by anyone walking along the quayside and partners the brand perfectly.

Signage For Pubs

The Dubliner

Signage for pubs

The newest addition to this list, The Dubliner embodies the magic of Irish culture and acts as the quayside’s first true Irish bar. Taking inspiration from the world-famous Temple Bar in Dublin, The Dubliner is based on what used to be Julie’s nightclub and brings in a wide range of customers to drink their body weight in some expertly poured Guinness and listen to some of the best live musicians Ireland can offer. 

The Interior signage is a clear indicator of that Irish spirit, encapsulating a clear feeling of identity, with its Celtic font and vivid green neon and when positioned over a live act, gives off an authentic vibe that teleports you to the bustling bars of Dublin. 

The exterior signage is an expertly hand-painted piece of art that holds that important factor of tradition, a concept that Ireland and its occupants hold close to their hearts.

Although these pubs and bars differ in their style and overall atmosphere they both do an excellent job in reinforcing a clear brand identity to customers visiting the establishments. This speaks for the identity as a whole as both the exterior and interior signage interlink into one vision, reflecting a clear message. This proves how effective certain signage for pubs and bars can turn a simple visit into a whole experience.

Check out our portfolio to see how we’ve been enhancing brands up and down the country not just with pub signage, but a whole array of industries.