Social Media and Signage: 3 Ways Stunning Signage can Skyrocket your Social Presence

Social Media and Signage


Social media has never been so dominant in our lives. Everywhere we go we’re being told to like, share and subscribe. Did you know that social media and signage can go hand in hand? Increasing your social media presence can be essential for some businesses as not everyone has the means of creating a huge marketing campaign. Social media is largely free, so it is the go to when it comes to promoting business and reaching new audiences. Keep reading to find out why social media and signage go hand in hand…

Choosing Your Signage

Start by choosing the type of signage you’d like. It depends on your business, but LED signs are hugely popular at the moment. LED signs are great for bars, restaurants and nightclubs because they can be seen in the dark and from far away. The flex used for LED signs is versatile and can be shaped however you wish- ideal if you’re after a high level of detail for your sign!

The possibilities are endless for signage, however if you own one of the aforementioned businesses then we would recommend a quote, a hashtag or even just your business name- they can all be created using LED flex. Keep in mind the colour of the sign too, as different colours will have different effects on people- read more about the colour psychology of signs here!

Strategic Placement

So, how can social media and signage go hand in hand? One of the best things you can do is strategically place your sign where people can take photos next to it. A popular option is having LED signs placed above large mirrors (this is especially popular in cocktail bars!) so that people can take photos with their friends. The lighting from the sign will make for great lighting- and a great selfie! LED signs also look amazing against flower walls and above photo booths and are becoming more and more popular by the day.

Collaborating with Local Bloggers to Grow Your Social Influence

Another idea is to host blogger events. This is great if you have a restaurant which is launching a new menu, or a bar wanting to get feedback on some new cocktails. You can search for hashtags that local bloggers use on Instagram or alternatively you can research local influencers to invite.

Most bloggers will have an e-mail that you can contact them on, so invite them to your event via e-mail letting them know the reason for the event, the time and location. Make sure your sign is center stage at your event and encourage everyone to take photos with it. Once the event is finished, you can take a look on Instagram and see which photos your business has been tagged in and repost them to your account.

This is a brilliant way of growing your following as the followers of bloggers are likely to follow you in return. Social media plays a huge role in business these days, so establishing a positive relationship with influencers can be extremely beneficial.

LED signage is growing in popularity and it is here to stay. It is more environmentally friendly and versatile than the neon alternative. You can read more about the benefits of LED signage here.

It is clear to see why social media and signage go hand in hand- having beautiful signage will completely benefit your business in the long run!

If you’re interested in getting some LED signage created, you can contact us via our contact form on our website here. Alternatively you can drop us an e-mail at or give us a ring on 01914782200. We’re happy to help you every step of the way on your signage journey- we look forward to hearing from you soon!