The 5 Most Famous Signs in the World

Signs are a part of our everyday lives, and we may see some more than others. Some signs are so popular that you can buy keyrings, mugs and t-shirts with them on. A lot of signs are getting more recognition thanks to mobile phone technology improving, allowing us to snap and share a photo of a sign at anytime. We’ve compiled a list of the most famous signs in the world, from the dazzling lights of Vegas to the streets of London…


Arguably the most iconic sign in the world, the Hollywood letters have stood overlooking Los Angeles since 1923. Each letter stands at 45 ft tall and the total length of the sign is a huge 350 ft. The sign was originally built to advertise a nearby real estate development called Hollywood Land. The project cost $23,000 and due to increased recognition, the sign was left up. The sign has had a huge cultural impact and we’ll likely be seeing it in pop culture for years to come.

Abbey Road

Small but mighty, the Abbey Road street sign gained worldwide recognition thanks to The Beatle’s album of the same name in 1969. When Beatlemania hit, you could expect to see plenty of adoring fans getting their photo taken next to the famous sign. Located in the thriving borough of Camden, Abbey Road continues to be a hotspot for Beatles fans and tourists to visit. You can easily buy replicas online, but the real sign was recently sold at auction for £37,000.

Platform 9 ¾

Located at King’s Cross Station in London, the Platform 9 ¾ sign is a must-see for any Harry Potter fan. In the Harry Potter franchise, the sign indicates the entrance to the platform which transports students to Hogwarts. The sign was so popular that it had to be moved elsewhere in the station as it stood in the way of commuters. Expect to wait at least an hour if you want to get a photograph with this iconic sign!

Las Vegas

The Fabulous Las Vegas sign located in Nevada is the epitome of Vegas life: glitz, glamour and good times. Designed in 1959, it was created as an homage to the other neon signs of the city that advertised casinos and hotels. The sign was never copyrighted which in turn has allowed it to feature on all kinds of souvenirs. Despite the abundance of entertainment complexes in Vegas, the sign itself has become one of the most popular tourist attractions.

London Underground

The London Underground sign is instantly recognisable and is a beacon of British culture. The first use of the roundel dates back to 1908, initially consisting of a red disc and a horizontal blue bar. Using block colours helped passengers distinguish the platform name against tube advertisements. The logo is still used today throughout London and continues to help locals find their way around the busy city.

The signs you’ve just read about are so famous that most of them are considered tourist hotspots- who would have thought that signs could play such an integral part to the tourism industry? Signs are going to be around for a long time to come, and its fair to say we wouldn’t be able to navigate through daily life without them.

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