The Cannon Run: Our involvement in the Worlds greatest driving holiday

How we helped the Cannon Run

The Cannon Run, ran by Jay Cannon is an extremely unique event which see’s its participants travel through some of the most picturesque and beautiful locations the world has to offer.

With multiple themed events running throughout the year such as Land lords which sees participants drive 4X4’s from Leeds to the Lake district, as well as the Xmas finale 22, spring break 23, the Ireland run 2023 and to top it off the highly anticipated mega run 2023.

The mega run is the largest drive The Cannon Run has to offer and includes some of Europe’s best roads and locations including London, Luxembourg, Lyon, Monaco, Bologna, Florence, Sienna, and Rome.

Here at Jonsigns we’ve teamed up with Jay to manufacture an LED illuminated signage for advertisement for the events running throughout the year and next and we cant wait to see them up and running. The manufacturing process for this specific sign was satisfying to watch throughout the many stages and the finished product perfectly embodies the suave sense of style and luxury that The Cannon Run is known for.

The Process

To achieve our client’s vision we first used our CNC machine to cut out The Cannon Run logo from 30mm thick acrylic to get the base layer. We then sent the logo design over to our good friends at Tyneside Lasers who laser cut the logo onto 0.9mm gold hairline stainless steel. LED were then fitted under the acrylic to maintain a bright and consistent illumination and the gold steel was placed on top to give that style and luxury finish. The completed logo was then fitted to a black aluminium fascia panel to give off a clear contrast between the gold and black.

Jay has since used our signage for many expo events and parties ensuring an audience sees his brand’s signage front and Centre in all of its LED-illuminated glory. It’s great to see our work being used for such an interesting and original brand and we can’t wait to continue to do jobs for the world’s number-one driving holiday.