Office Signage: 4 important elements to think about

Virgin Media Post Vinyl Graphic

The importance of office signage Whether your business is corporate or not, having well-thought-out office signage is an important aspect of any brand and when cohesively brought together can bring heaps of psychological benefits to the workspace. Signage is a great way to promote your company’s values and vision through creative elements that can hold […]

Why choose Neon signage for your business?

Why Choose Neon Signage

No matter the size of your business, here at Jonsigns we can make your business stand out from the crowd with our Neon signage solutions. We pride ourselves in our expertise with traditional neon as well as faux neon and can make either work to its potential to take your business’s signage to the next […]

Restaurant Signage: 5 ways to elevate your brands vision

Papa Johns exterior signage

Choosing the perfect restaurant signage No matter the size and scale, strategically implementing your restaurant signage should be at the top of the list concerning your marketing efforts. Having effective signage that relays your brand vision and brings a sense of cohesiveness between all elements of your business brings many advantages to different aspects of […]

The famous signs of Ireland: 5 influential examples

Irish Signage

Ireland is a country that prides itself on its culture in every sense of the word. For being such a small country, Ireland is internationally famous for its vibrant blend of history, music and folklore which stretches its influence to every corner of the planet. Throughout the years, these cultural impacts have formed some extremely […]

The Cannon Run: Our involvement in the Worlds greatest driving holiday

The Cannon Run

How we helped the Cannon Run The Cannon Run, ran by Jay Cannon is an extremely unique event which see’s its participants travel through some of the most picturesque and beautiful locations the world has to offer. With multiple themed events running throughout the year such as Land lords which sees participants drive 4X4’s from […]

Sign awards 2023: We’ve been shortlisted

Sign awards

We’re proud to announce we’ve been shortlisted for the sign awards 2023 for both the Illuminated signage and the architectural signage categories. On March 22nd, ten of us will be making the journey down to Birmingham for the Sign awards Gala where we will be able to spend a night with like minded people in […]

Gateshead to Foggia: The Italian Job of dreams

Jonsigns - Foggia

Our Signage On Its Travels Our signage goes a long way! Now we mean it physically and not just in a figurative way due to our most recent escapade to Foggia in Italy. From design to manufacture to installation, its a thrill to see the full process of our products and the vastly different locations […]

Christmas signage: 4 great examples

Jonsigns-Christmas signage

The purpose of Christmas Signage During Christmas time, decorating your establishment with Christmas signage has always been a great opportunity for brands to get creative when advertising their business. By getting involved with the holiday spirit, brands can adopt a less corporate and more authentic and relaxed feeling as well as attract a broader audience […]

4 great Christmas ideas for your company’s social media

Christmas - Jonsigns

Christmas is upon us once again and as every business owner knows, its a perfect opportunity to spread the joy and utilize the powerful force that is social media. Christmas is not only a time for drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and eating your body weight in pigs in blankets but is a perfect excuse […]

Minimalism: 4 huge company’s who made the transition

minimal 4

Minimalism in signage Before minimalism, signage was a product of maximalism, a concept which celebrates abundance, vibrancy, ampleness and opulence and they would use these accordingly to promote a certain message. Historically, businesses would stray towards this maximalist mindset as they knew ‘in your face’ and heavily artistic signage was the best bet to get customers through […]