Office Signage: 3 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Office Space with Signage

Office signage completed for Park Commercial
Park Commercial – Office Signage


Having a stylish office space is important because who doesn’t feel more productive in a clean, modern environment? A lot of us have been working from home for the past year and are eager to get back into the office. If your business still has staff working from home, then now is the best time to start making some changes and upgrading the office space. We’ve got a few ways in which you can completely refresh any office- keep reading to find out more…

Utilise Glass Interiors

Window frosting is recommended to those businesses which have predominantly glass interiors. You can choose company logos or fun designs- whatever is best suited to your brand! Window frosting is the perfect solution if your office is situated in a particularly bright spot. The frosting can block out any harsh sunlight, making it easier to work in the summer months. Window frosting is also ideal for space that requires more privacy, such as meeting rooms.


Vinyl is one of the most popular types of signage used because it is so versatile. Having quotes on the walls is great idea because it can help others feel more motivation, especially after a long day. You can have a quote from the director of the company (we have something similar!) or you could choose a quote from an inspiring leader. Since vinyl is so incredibly versatile, you could even have a mural created. Murals look great anywhere, but having one in a reception is ideal as it warms people up to your company and has the ability to boost morale amongst staff.

Safety Signage

Having safety signs is an essential part of any workplace, not just offices. Fire safety signs, delivery signs and COVID signs are just a few examples of what you should ideally have displayed in the office. Safety signage completely depends on the type of business you run, and the size of the business. For example, if your business is joined onto a factory then hazard signs would be recommended. You can read more about safety signs and regulations here.

If you’re interested in getting some signage designed and created for your office, contact us here and we can help you on your signage journey!