5 Reasons why a Vehicle Livery will Work to your Advantage

Vehicle livery on Jonsigns Van

Vehicle livery is the process of applying graphics using high-quality vinyl before carefully using it to wrap your vehicle. Vehicle liveries can vary from simply having a full wrap with imagery and text to a half wrap which displays generic branding and contact details. More and more businesses are choosing to get a vehicle livery due to the cost-effective advertising and the amount of customers they can bring in. If you’re wondering how a vehicle livery will work to your advantage, keep reading…

Attention grabbing

It goes without saying that we are naturally drawn to a brightly coloured vehicle with images and text. How many plain white vans do you see on a daily basis? These businesses could easily increase their clientele with some fun graphics- even having a name and contact number on the back of a vehicle goes a long way. Also, having a consistent brand automatically makes your business look more professional. Potential customers may feel more inclined to use your business if they feel you are professional as you will be seen as being trustworthy.

Local Advertising

The best thing about vehicle liveries is that they are easily one of the best ways of advertising your business, especially in your local area. If you’re a small local business then you’ll know how much customers rely on you and your service, so why not keep expanding? Your vehicle will be your advertising your vehicle even when you’re not driving it so its definitely one of the best investments you can make for your business. Also, a lot of people are wanting to reach out and support their local businesses right now so there’s never been a better time to get a vehicle livery because you will definitely see a ROI.

Cost Effective

Vehicle liveries are not only an effective form of advertising, but they’re also cost effective. Having a constant advertisement on your vehicle means that you’re not constantly having to pay for other forms of advertising such as leaflets. Plus, you can change your vehicle livery as little or as often as you want which can be beneficial if you’re on a smaller budget or just starting up. This is an ideal solution if you want to


Do vehicle liveries damage the paintwork of your vehicle? Of course not! In fact, they actually protect your vehicle more. The vinyl wrap can protect your vehicle against everyday damages such as scrapes and paint chipping. This is ideal because when you resell your vehicle in the future, it means it will retain its value due its well-maintained bodywork. When it comes to removing any vinyl, it is done by our team of specialists who will be able to do so without damaging any paintwork.


Vehicle liveries are considered to be a non-aggressive form of advertising. Aggressive advertisements are usually pushy and can scare away customers, however non-aggressive advertising is more inviting and gives you the opportunity to get to know your customer based on their needs. Customers respond better to advertisements that aren’t so obvious, which is why vehicle liveries are perfect because our eyes are naturally drawn to them. You could be driving to carry out work for someone or you could simply be parked up and chances are your ideal customer will be more receptive to your subtle approach to advertising.

Are you interested in getting a vehicle livery? You can fill out our online contact form here to get a project started, or simply give us a call on 01914782200 and we can advise you on what to do. Alternatively you can pop into our office and have a chat- we’re always happy to help!