Why choose Neon signage for your business?

No matter the size of your business, here at Jonsigns we can make your business stand out from the crowd with our Neon signage solutions. We pride ourselves in our expertise with traditional neon as well as faux neon and can make either work to its potential to take your business’s signage to the next level.

Ever since its origin, the bright and colourful nature of neon signage not only helps make your business a spectacle of advertising but also gives it a distinctly retro and nostalgic feel which in itself is a great marketing tool. Neon works so well for businesses due to its aesthetic appeal and preys on natural human instincts to be attracted to a bright spectacle in the hope of a good experience no matter the context. 

Whether in the retail, restaurant or pub/ bar industry, implementing neon signage in your brand identity can open up avenues of creativity and showcase your brand as a visual entity which gives your customers a greater need to come in and indulge in whatever you have on offer. 

In this blog, we will delve into the key reasons why you should include neon signage in your brand identity and where is best to utilise it.  

What Are The Benefits Of Neon Signage For Business?

High Visibility

Out of all signage illumination, neon signage is the king of granting your customers increased visibility of your brand. The luminous glow is significantly stronger than other types of lighting and is complemented by crisp colours which hold psychological advantages when grabbing the attention of the public due to their natural intensity. 

Neon signs are exceptionally effective concerning nighttime visibility making them an ideal choice for businesses that operate at night and project a clear and effective contrast with the rest of the area which most likely is not sporting the the same colour and neon. 

Neon signage


William Hill: Store of the future illuminated signage

A great benefit of neon signage is its customisable properties that allow you to produce unique art pieces due to the flexible tubing used during manufacture. This along with the wide spectrum of colours that are at your disposal allows you to constantly remain relevant to your brand identity and theme and convey a passionate message, attracting people to your establishment. 

Neon signage is adaptable and can be used for both exterior and interior decoration. This allows for totally separate aspects of your branding to be promoted while remaining cohesive to the wider picture.

Nostalgic advertising

Neon signage originally became popular in the 1920s to the 1970s with its most notable impact being in Las Vegas which saw the use of neon turn the city into one of the world’s most impressive visual spectacles.

By using neon signage in this contemporary era, you can capitalise on the cultural impact that neon had over the mid-20th century. Applying a feeling that society can relate to creates a nostalgic vibe that refers to styles and designs of the past. 

This creates a timeless appeal to your signage and places your business right in the retro resurgence that is once again taking over the world. 

Creams Arndale - Jonsigns LTD


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Neon signage is a sustainable and environmentally friendly advertising option for your business. This is primarily due to the low power consumption that neon needs to produce its culturally iconic illumination which in turn makes it possible for even the largest of signs to be powered in a cost-effective way.

This also means neon signage has a lower heat output which contributes to reduced cooling needs in indoor environments which also saves a lot of energy for your business. 

As well as this advantage, neon also needs minimal maintenance meaning a prolonged lifespan compared to other illuminated bit of signage.