3 Reasons why Signage is the Best Investment for your Business

Investment in signage is important - this brushed gold stainless steel sign really personifies the business as luxury and upmarket
HLF Group – Office Signage


Investment in quality signage is essential. If you own a physical business, you’ll know that signage is the first thing a customer sees. The look and quality of your signage can make or break your business- people are much more likely to enter an establishment which has a clear and concise sign. We’ve compiled a list of reasons why investing in quality signage can help maximise your overall business visibility as well as helping to become a part of your marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out more about signage investment and why it will benefit your business…

Branding is your Best Investment

If you want a successful and marketable business, strong branding is an essential. The branding of your business can include specific colours, fonts and imagery. If the interior of your business includes your brand guidelines, you really want your exterior signage to reflect this. If you’re currently branding your business, you can read more about colour psychology and how it can effect your business here.

If you have a luxury business selling high-end goods, a brushed gold stainless steel sign would be perfect- here is a perfect example. Alternatively, takeaways which are open late at night will benefit from an LED may be more suited to your branding like this one we created for Pepe’s Piri Piri. Signage is worth the investment to help strongly communicate your brand guidelines with potential customers- it will be the face of your business after all!

Increase Business Visibility

Signage can help boost your visibility more than you may realise. If your business is located out of the way, e.g. in a back street, then signage can be hugely beneficial. LED signs are perfect for capturing people’s attention as they are visible day and night, instantly increasing the amount of potential customers. Also, if your business has just opened, having signage promoting the business is ideal.

For example, if you are located within a shopping centre, having an A-frame board outside the centre is great as it lets passers by who may not have known before that you’re open and ready for business. Promotional signage is a perfect way to increase footfall and promote your business too, because who can say no to a great offer? These types of signage are ideal investments for your business, both short-term and long-term.

Signage as a Marketing Tool

Signage and marketing go hand in hand. Whether its word of mouth or digital, having outstanding signage gets people talking. If your business has a beautiful exterior, people will want to see what its all about. At the end of the day your signage is the face of your business, so its important to be able to make an impact to potential customers. Social media can also have a massive impact on your signage- in a positive way!

Aesthetically pleasing signage can benefit your business hugely as regular social media users and influencers are more likely to post about your establishment if they know your sign will look adequate on their Instagram feed. You can read more about sign and social media in our blog post here.

Hopefully you can see why signage can be one of the best investments your business can make. It is useful for tying in with your branding, easily increases business visibility and can be used as a marketing tool. If you’re interested in getting some signage made for your business, either drop us an e-mail at info@jonsigns.co.uk or call us on 01914782200. Alternatively you can use the contact form on our website- we look forward to hearing from you soon!